Wednesday, October 07, 2015
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- Pension - Restaurant - Caffe bar - Piroš Čizma

About us

Piroš Čizma is a facility that does business in a category of a comfort three star pension with a restaurant. Its uniqueness stems from a tastefully designed ambient of a Baranja village, accompanied by details of Hungarian culture.


Accommodation capacity

The pension has 16 rooms with two beds, as well as 9 rooms with three and four beds. All the rooms have a separate bathroom, air-conditioning, a TV, internet access and a secured parking space for private cars and buses.



The restaurant has a cozy and rustic atmosphere; it can accommodate a 100 people and can be used for organizing different festivities and family gatherings.  We have a rich cuisine offering local specialties of the Baranja region, such as river fish stew (“paprikaš”), cat-fish stew (“perkelt”), venison stew, grilled dishes, alongside house specialties prepared for you by Robert Pinto, an excellent chef with a long-term European experience.


Wine cellar

Thanks to circumstances and reconstruction made to the location in its history, the Piroš Čizma wine cellar is located on the first floor of the facility dug into the Lesno Brdo hill back in 1892.  Our wine cellar houses local producers presenting and offering their quality and premium wines.


Hunting hall

Located on the ground floor, it can accommodate 80 guests. It has luxurious equipment, a winery,  a presentation projector, air-conditioning and special game animals’ trophies.


The terrace

From early spring to late autumn, our spacious terrace is a perfect location for the accommodation of 120 guests in a country yard atmosphere, with a large open hearth. It is connected to the Wine Chapel, and accessible from a large parking lot. It can be used for different types of celebrations and open-air events.


Active tourism

Due to its unique richness of flora and fauna, the Baranja region is getting more and more appealing for organized groups looking for peace and relaxation in their all day or weekend tours of the area.  As a part of this recreation and relaxation for our guests, we offer individual or group tours of the Kopački rit, canoeing or boat rides down the Danube, we introduce them to the wine road and the offer of wine from our local wine and spirit (“rakija”) producers, giving them the pleasure of discovering all the splendour of the wine sorts sparkling in their glasses.


Tourism of the Baranja area

If you wish to see nature’s true and original beauty, visit Kopački rit. You will be able to see all that nature can offer in its infinite diversity, in these forests and waters.  A unique preserved area of nature, overflowed by waters of the Drava and Danube rivers, consists of numerous armlets and lakes by the Danube River, offering ideal conditions for the survival of a diverse world of plant and animal species.